8th September — 16:00 UTC (check local time) 

Jorge Ruas
Professor of Molecular Physiology at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet. Speaking from Stockholm, Sweden.

Muscle-secreted Neurturin couples myofiber and motor neuron function.

Aerobic exercise promotes skeletal muscle vascularization, oxidative metabolism, fiber-type switching, and neuromuscular junction integrity. We show that muscle-secreted neurturin leads to a transcriptional reprogramming of muscle and motor neurons, inducing many of the adaptations to training.

13th October — 08:00 UTC (check local time) 

Jeremy Pinyon
Lecturer in Chronic Diseases, School of Medical Sciences, University of Sydney. Speaking from Sidney, Australia.

Neurotrophin Gene Therapy for Auditory Nerve Regeneration

A novel gene delivery platform termed Bionic array Directed Gene Electrotransfer (BaDGE) uses electrodes to create focused electric fields for safe and efficient transfection of naked DNA. Using BaDGE to deliver recombinant neurotrophin DNA improves hearing through regeneration of auditory neurons.

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