1st July — 15:00 UTC (check local time) 

Eli-Eelika Esvald
PhD student at Tõnis Timmusk’s lab, Tallinn University of Technology. Speaking from Tallinn, Estonia.

Novel brain region- and stimulus-specific regulators of the BDNF gene.

We seek to understand brain region- and stimulus-specific regulation of BDNF gene expression. Using in vitro DNA pulldown assay coupled with mass-spectrometry, we report novel regulators of BDNF expression. . 

15th July — 15:00 UTC (check local time) 

Juzoh Umemori
Senior postdoc at Eero Castren's lab, Neuroscience Center, University of Helsinki. Speaking from Helsinki, Finland.

Activation of TrkB in PV interneurons orchestrates cortical plasticity.

Activation of optically activatable TrkB neurotrophic receptor (optoTrkB) elevates ocular dominance plasticity and oscillatory synchrony in the visual cortex through electrophysiological and gene-expressional changes in Parvalbumin (PV) interneurons. 

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