20th November — 00:30 UTC (Thu 19th 16:30 San Diego, check local time)

Kijung Sung
Postdoctoral Scholar in Chengbiao Wu's lab at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Speaking from San Diego, CA, USA.

"NGFR100W in Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy type V"

A point mutation in NGF (R100W) is associated with Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy type V (HSAN V). Patients suffer from loss of pain perception but apparently have normal cognition. The NGF R100W mutation has thus provided an interesting tool to uncouple nociception from trophic function of NGF.


3rd December — 15:00 UTC (check local time)

Julia Sánchez
PhD Student in Juan Carlos Arévalo's lab at the Department of Cell Biology and Pathology, Universidad de Salamanca. Speaking from Salamanca, Spain.

"ARMS/Kidins220: a new player in the Team of Nociception"

We have discovered an unexpected function of ARMS/Kidins220, a scaffold protein related to Trks, in the nociception mediated by TrkA-expressing cells. In addition, we will show that, mechanistically, ARMS/Kidins220 exerts its role through BDNF release. 

17th December — 16:00 UTC (check local time)

Prof. Wilma Friedman
Professor of Neurobiology, Universidad de Salamanca. Speaking from Newark, NJ, USA.

"p75NTR promotes axonal degeneration following brain injury"

Brain injury has been shown to increase expression of proneurotrophins and p75NTR, which promote neuronal loss.  I will discuss mechanisms by which axonal p75NTR promotes retrograde degeneration of afferent neurons after brain injury.

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